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About Us

At Local Learn we aim to create communities of learners and teachers who connect through a shared passion or interest. We want to make learning and teaching accessible to all.


Opportunities for learning are endless and there are countless things to learn, from practical, ‘need-to-know’ things which save you from stress and arm you with the skills to get a job, run a household and manage your finances to fun ‘would-love-to-know’ things which add a bit of spice to your life like learning a second language, following a creative pursuit or cooking a new cuisine. Find something you’re passionate about and you’ll find that learning will come naturally to you. Developing new skills and acquiring new knowledge can make you a more well rounded person, lift your quality of life and give you the tools to navigate life’s challenges more easily.


Do you enjoy interacting with others and have a skill or hobby which you’d love to share? Local learn provides you with teaching opportunities by connecting you to people in your community who are exploring and seeking to learn new skills. Meet other like-minded people in your neighbourhood, build real face to face relationships and earn an income while you’re at it!


Local Learn also provides a platform for community groups and learning institutions to advertise their courses, catering for those learners who are interested in gaining a qualification or participating in learning in a bigger group or more formal setting.


Education in all its forms empowers people and enriches lives. We hope that you find what you’re looking for here at Local Learn. Tell your friends and contacts about Local Learn, start a network of teachers and learners within your own area and you will be helping to grow a strong, connected community. Learn on!