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For Teachers

I have a skill I’d like to share with others. How do I list my teaching service?

The first thing you need to do is register an account by clicking on ‘register’ on the task bar. Once you’ve done this and logged in you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Click on ‘submit listing’, then you’ll be prompted to add details about your service such as a description, photos(optional but recommended), location and cost.

What should I charge for my teaching service?

It’s entirely up to you! If you are unsure we suggest that you take a look at what other local learn listers charge for their teaching services in similar categories. You could also negotiate a price with the learner if you’d prefer not to list a set price.

Once I’ve posted my listing how do I know when people are interested in my teaching service?

If somebody is interested in your teaching service they will contact you via the email you registered when you signed up to Local Learn.

What if I don’t want to charge people?

That’s absolutely fine, however we suggest that at the very least, you ask people for a gold coin donation just to cover your listing fee for the month.



I’ve explored the site but haven’t found anything in my local area which interests me at present. What now?

You can post a learning request by going to the red box in the task bar.  People with skills and knowledge in that area will respond to your learning request. Also, if you know of people in your area with specific skills and knowledge, tell them about Local Learn and encourage them to register.


Will it cost me anything to list a learning request?

No, it’s free to list a learning request.


I’d like to recommend one of the classes I’ve attended/teachers I’ve met. How do I do this?

If you’ve had a great learning experience you would like to share with others – please leave a review.